Ensuring Community Safety Through Secure Chemical Weapons Storage   [open pdf - 483KB]

"Safe and secure storage is an important component of the overall mission of the U.S. Army Chemical Materials Agency (CMA) that also encompasses recovery, treatment and elimination of the nation's chemical warfare materiel. CMA oversees the secure storage of the nation's chemical agent and munitions at seven chemical depots across the country, ensuring that chemical agents and munitions are safety protected and monitored. To accomplish this, chemical agents and munitions are housed in designated storage areas and specialty designed earth-covered magazines, commonly referred to as storage igloos or bunkers located on highly secure military installations where all Department of Defense and Army safety and security regulations are followed. CMA manages the National Inventory Control Point and National Maintenance Point to ensure that the stockpile is maintained in accordance with Army regulatory guidance during storage The igloos are specialty constructed with many security and safety measures and processes, designed for the storage of chemical agents, ammunition and explosives. The igloos help keep chemical agents and munitions secure and protected from natural forces or man-made threats."

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