Are Special Operations Imperatives Applicable to Counterdrug Operations?   [open pdf - 4MB]

"This study investigates the contributions of Special Forces to the nation's counterdrug efforts to interdict the flow of drugs coming into the United States according to Department of Defense directives. The research hypothesis is that Special Forces, incorporating the special operations imperatives in its mission planning and execution have experienced success when conducting counterdrug operations. Drug trafficking has become a threat to our national security. Efforts by law enforcement agencies to stop the flow of illicit drugs crossing our borders have not succeeded. The President has directed that we use all our national resources, including the military, to stem the flow. The research concludes that the hypothesis is valid and that Special Forces incorporation of the special operations imperatives into counterdrug operations has made a contribution to the national effort to stop the flow of illicit drugs into the United States. The study provides a review and analysis of selected counterdrug operations executed, incorporating selected special operations imperatives, and the success or failure of these missions based on the use of those imperatives. It also proves that special operations imperatives, as defined in current doctrine, are realistic and essential to success."

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