Synthetic Drug Control Strategy: A Focus on Methamphetamine and Prescription Drug Abuse   [open pdf - 948KB]

"The President's National Drug Control Strategy describes the Administration's strategic approach for reducing illicit drug use in the United States. The Administration's Synthetic Drug Control Strategy is a companion to the National Strategy. […].The Synthetics Strategy adheres to the following outline. Following this introduction, it describes the state of the illicit markets for methamphetamine and controlled substance prescription drugs, including progress made over the last several years. It then sets targets for reduced numbers in three principal categories: illicit methamphetamine use, domestic methamphetamine laboratories, and the illicit use of controlled substance prescription drugs. This portion explains the fundamental principles and insights guiding the Synthetics Strategy and describes how performance goals will be measured. Next, the document describes the strategy itself, explaining how, given the current state of the illicit synthetic drug market, the Administration will meet targets for use and production by the end of 2008. Here, both supply reduction and demand reduction activities are addressed for both methamphetamine use and controlled substance prescription drug abuse. Finally, the end of the document addresses the problem of responding to the aftermath of methamphetamine production. Improving our knowledge about the health and environmental consequences of methamphetamine labs is critically important toward improving the safety and security of Americans, including the children who are found in or near toxic laboratories."

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