U.S. Government Efforts to Fight Demand Fueling Human Trafficking   [open pdf - 109KB]

This U.S. State Department fact sheet presents information on U.S. policy aimed at fighting the demand fueling human trafficking. "Human trafficking, a dehumanizing crime turning people into mere commodities, includes both supply and demand-side factors. On the supply side, criminal networks, corruption, lack of education and reliable information about employment opportunities, and poverty make people vulnerable to the lures of trafficking. Significant efforts are being made to address these 'push' factors. At the same time, the demand side of the equation cannot be ignored. While no precise definition of demand for human trafficking exists, for the purposes of this fact sheet, demand can take two forms: 1) that of the trafficker or 'wholesaler' whose greed motivates the victimization of vulnerable individuals; and 2) that of the consumer whose demand determines profitability. Market demand for commercial sex acts and cheap labor create a profit-incentive for traffickers to entrap more victims, fueling the growth of trafficking in persons."

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