Joint Operating Environment 2008: Challenges and Implications for the Future Joint Force   [open pdf - 2MB]

Alternate Title: JOE 2008: Challenges and Implications for the Future Joint Force

"In the broadest sense, the Joint Operating Environment examines three questions: What future trends and disruptions are likely to affect the Joint Force over the next quarter century? How are these trends and disruptions likely to define the future contexts for joint operations? What are the implications of these trends and contexts for the Joint Force? By exploring these trends, contexts, and implications, the Joint Operating Environment provides a basis for thinking about the world over the next quarter century. […]. If war at its essence is a human endeavor, then it follows that one of the most effective ways to understand human nature is by a close consideration of history. As such, rather than futuristic vignettes, the Joint Operating Environment uses history as a principal way to gain insight into the future. The discussion begins with the enduring nature of war, the causes and consequences of change and surprises, and the role of strategy. Part II then describes some trends, discontinuities and potential trouble spots that joint forces may confront. Part III analyzes how these trends and disruptions may combine into contexts that will likely define joint operations over the next quarter century. Part IV describes the implications of these contexts for the Joint Force as it confronts an uncertain future. […]. Before concluding, Part V offers some 'leading questions' about topics that may fall outside the traditional purview of this study, but that nonetheless have important implications for the future Joint Force."

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