Remarks by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff at Johns Hopkins University, December 3, 2008   [open pdf - 343KB]

This press release is a transcript of remarks made by Homeland Security Secretary, Michael Chertoff at Johns Hopkins University on December 3, 2008. Secretary Chertoff reflects on his time at DHS and dealing with Hurricane Katrina, shoe bombers, and other past challenges. The following is taken from the text, "But let me now turn to the core of what I want to talk about which is how we manage the kinds of crises at the Department of Homeland Security that emerge or that might emerge from time to time. Of course, a most common crisis we've had over the last eight years has been a natural disaster because we haven't had a successful terrorist attack since September 11th, and this past year, as I indicated, was another year of substantial natural disaster activity, whether it was the wildfires in the Fall of 2007 in California, an unprecedented flooding in the Midwest along parts of the Mississippi River in Iowa and other places, tornadoes in the Midwest, and, of course, Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike. [...]. And finally at the federal level, I daresay that the integration of our preparedness and response functions under a single roof, the Department of Homeland Security, has been a major contributor to the ability of FEMA and all of the other agencies to get together and make sure that we were able to provide a very sound and effective response capability in, whether it be fire, water or wind, natural disasters across the country."

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