Interagency Security Committee (ISC) Information Document ID-03-01: Escape Hoods   [open pdf - 72KB]

"A number of Federal agencies are in the process of considering whether to provide escape hoods to employees for use in the event of chemical, biological or other emergency events. The Interagency Security Committee, has developed the following guidance to assist managers in the decision making process of determining when to purchase and distribute such protection devices to their employees. The escape hood is designed and used as a quick, simple means of providing users with a source of filtered or supplied air to safely exit an environment in which the air may be contaminated. As such, the escape hood is designed for a one-time use of short duration. The decision to procure escape hoods is influenced by a number of factors which include threat and risk assessments, an evaluation of other available protective options such as shelter-in-place, and an understanding of the capabilities, features, and limitations of escape masks on the market. Equally important are a number of additional issues such as training capability, logistics and funding which need to be carefully considered prior to a large scale purchase and distribution of hoods."

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Interagency Security Committee (ISC) Information Document ID-03-01
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