Global War on Terrorism: Reported Obligations for the Department of Defense   [open pdf - 492KB]

"As of September 2008, Congress has appropriated a total of about $808 billion primarily for GWOT operations since 2001. Of that amount, about $187 billion has been provided for fiscal year 2008. In addition, about $65.9 billion was appropriated in fiscal year 2008 for fiscal year 2009 but was not available for obligation in fiscal year 2008. DOD will likely request additional funds for fiscal year 2009. DOD has reported obligations of about $654.7 billion for military operations in support of the war from fiscal year 2001 through fiscal year 2008. The $152.2 billion difference between DOD's appropriations and reported obligations can generally be attributed to multiyear funding for procurement; military construction; and research, development, test, and evaluation from previous GWOT-related appropriations10 that have yet to be obligated; and obligations for non-DOD classified and other activities, which DOD considers to be non-GWOT related, that are not reported in DOD's cost-of-war reports.11 This difference also includes the $65.9 billion appropriated for fiscal year 2009. As part of our ongoing work, we are reviewing DOD's rationale for reporting its GWOT related obligations. Figure 1 shows the increase in DOD's cumulative reported GWOT obligations and cumulative GWOT appropriations from fiscal year 2001 through fiscal year 2008. The appropriations amount does not include the fiscal year 2009 appropriation of $65.9 billion."

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GAO-09-233R Global War on Terrorism
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