National Incident Management System Incident Command System: Emergency Responder Field Operating Guide (ERFOG), Draft   [open pdf - 4MB]

"This Emergency Responder Field Operating Guide (ERFOG) is designed to assist emergency response personnel in the use of the National Incident Management System's (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS) during incident operations. This Guide is intended for use when implementing ICS in response to an incident/event, regardless of type, size, or location. It is not a policy document and does not replace Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs), laws, regulations, and ordinances. Rather, this document provides guidance for assigned incident/event personnel. Chapters 2-12 of this document provide information applicable to all disciplines when implementing ICS. For example, the duties and responsibilities of the Planning Section Chief (PSC) are found in Chapter 9; the PSC's job description under ICS does not change from one type of incident to another. Each chapter lists specific job descriptions that have proven valuable in past response operations. Chapter 13 provides the incident commander and responder with additional resources including example decisions and objectives, an example staffing matrix and a list of federal resources."

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