FM 7-0: Training for Full Spectrum Operations   [open pdf - 4MB]

" FM 7-0 addresses the fundamentals of training modular, expeditionary Army forces to conduct full spectrum operations--simultaneous offensive, defensive, and stability or civil support operations--in an era of persistent conflict. Conducting effective training for full spectrum operations must be a top priority of senior leaders during both force generation and operational deployments. FM 7-0 incorporates new tenets for training modular organizations to conduct full spectrum operations. However, the manual has further developed the concepts in the 2002 version as well. [...]. In addition, the manual emphasizes that commanders should leverage the combat experience of seasoned individuals and their leaders in developing training plans. [...]. FM 7-0 is organized as follows: Chapter 1 discusses the environment in which training and operations occur. It stresses the need for the Army to prepare for full spectrum operations. The chapter concludes by discussing the aim point concept used to focus training on the most likely operational environments. Chapter 2 focuses on the Army's seven principles of training and the supporting tenets that apply at all organizational levels and across all components. Chapter 3 describes the Army Training System, defines training and education, describes the three training domains, and provides a brief discussion of leader development. Chapter 4 describes Army training management. It begins by describing the effects of Army force generation and modular organizations on training management. Then it addresses how to develop the mission-essential task list. The bulk of the chapter discusses how to use the Army's training management model to plan, prepare, execute, and assess training."

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FM 7-0; Field Manual 7-0
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