Considerations for Antiviral Drug Stockpiling by Employers in Preparation for an Influenza Pandemic   [open pdf - 407KB]

"Optimal planning and preparation for an influenza pandemic requires coordinated efforts by every part of society including individuals and families, communities, employers in public and private sectors, and all levels of government. Federal, State, and local governments will implement strategies to protect the public in an influenza pandemic. Employers also will play a key role in protecting employees' health and safety, thereby limiting pandemic impacts on health, the economy, and society. As part of their comprehensive pandemic planning, some employers (from public and private sectors) have asked for guidance about whether they should stockpile or otherwise arrange for influenza antiviral drugs to be available for their employees during a pandemic. Private stockpiles, in coordination with public health stockpiles, would extend protection more broadly than could be achieved through the public sector alone and improve the ability to achieve the national pandemic response goals of mitigating disease, suffering, and death, and minimizing impacts on the economy and functioning of society. The Federal Government strongly encourages all public and private sector employers, regardless of size, to plan for a pandemic, to protect the health of employees and assure continuity of operations. Influenza antiviral drugs (antivirals) are one of several approaches to protecting people during a pandemic and can serve as an important part of a layered approach to pandemic mitigation. In some cases, employees whose jobs would normally involve very high or high exposure risk to known/suspected pandemic patients may reduce or eliminate exposure through engineering, administrative and work practice strategies."

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