Risk Management Framework for Hazardous Materials Transportation   [open pdf - 167KB]

"This report presents and explains the U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA) risk management framework for transportation of hazardous materials. As part of its One Flagship Initiative, RSPA is developing this new framework, with significant stakeholder input, to serve as a resource for self-evaluation by all parties involved in transporting hazardous materials. Although the framework itself is new, many of its concepts and components are drawn from existing risk management systems and approaches used in hazardous materials transport and other venues. The framework is broad in scope, addressing the full range of hazardous materials, transport modes, and parties involved in transporting hazardous materials. It is intended to be comprehensive and thus to cover all the major aspects of risk management. This report articulates the goals for the framework, gives definitions and a brief background discussion to provide context and a common starting point, and describes the three main elements of the framework: a basic philosophy, a set of fundamental risk management principles, and a stepwise general approach to hazardous materials transportation risk management. More detailed information supporting the framework is provided in the appendices."

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