Three Case Studies for the Risk Management Framework for Hazardous Materials Transportation   [open pdf - 228KB]

"To determine whether the risk management framework is flexible enough to be useful and more importantly, whether it can serve as an effective tool for encouraging the implementation of risk management strategies, DOT Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA) chose to test the framework by applying it to a variety of existing programs. Stakeholders identified potential case studies in the exploratory meeting, and the expert panel further refined those recommendations. RSPA selected a few organizations to participate in this phase of the study. In choosing organizations to participate in the case studies, RSPA considered the following factors about an organization's program: Availability of data (e.g., history, results, mission statements); Existing and/or established industry/government programs; Voluntary participation; and Cross-party issues addressed (e.g., carriers and shippers). After evaluating the above factors and taking into account stakeholder recommendations, RSPA chose the following three case studies: Case Study 1: Non-Accidental Release Program Administered by the Association of American Railroads; Case Study 2: RSPA's Exemptions Program and the Regulated Medical Waste Exemptions; and Case Study 3 Risk Management Approaches used by Selected Members of the Trucking Industry. From these case studies, RSPA hopes to identify how adaptable the risk management framework is and also identify areas where the framework can be improved or modified. An additional benefit of these investigations is that they may reveal potential areas for improvement in the industry/government program to which the framework is being applied. The case studies were performed in sequential order. The risk management framework evolved and changed from case study to case study as we adopted specific case study recommendations."

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