Contingency-Focused Financial Management and Logistics for the U.S. Coast Guard   [open pdf - 667KB]

From the thesis abstract: "The Coast Guard has had significant success conducting response operations during major contingencies. And yet, mission execution has been buoyed and supported in an ad hoc fashion by the logistics and financial management structure of the organization. Should ad hoc efforts fail in the future, the Coast Guard may find itself unprepared for managing the logistical and financial challenges of widespread contingencies. Shortfalls in the existing approach to contingency preparedness include: a lack of contingency-based financial and logistics policies, unprepared contingency cost accounting mechanisms, a non-resilient financial management community, a lack of geographically focused logistics plans for a range of contingencies and, operational and logistical professionals are not adequately trained for contingency resource management. Qualitative research and reviews of after action reports indicate that there are solutions to these challenges. Recommendations include establishing policy on cost tracking, pre-contracting and rapid procurement, modifying the financial systems readiness to track costs, developing an information sharing and collaborative construct with other units and agencies using a Contingency Logistics Planning Group (CLPG), building resilience in contingency procurement through Advanced Readiness Contracting and meeting the 'human aspects' of business continuity planning and, reconfiguring the training for planners, logisticians and procurement personnel."

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