Transportation Security Leadership: The Right Stuff?   [open pdf - 1MB]

"This thesis focuses on the evolving concepts of network leadership, and managing by network. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the agencies that make it up have daunting, complex challenges to face in protecting the homeland. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), as a part of DHS, similarly has complex challenges in protecting the U.S. transportation systems from terrorist threats. With the growing complexity and global nature of the terrorist networks, it requires leadership that is collaborative, integrative, and able to take a holistic leadership approach. In the TSA, the Federal Security Director (FSD) position has a field leadership role in developing and supporting transportation security and anti-terrorism plans and activities with stakeholders across the nation. The FSD's mission is to build effective multi-modal transportation security networks. The findings support that network leadership is seen by FSDs, stakeholders, and TSA executives to be the future leadership model for transportation security. The issue focuses on which skills, paradigms, education, organizational strategies and structures will allow FSDs to become skillful network leaders. Areas with the potential to strengthen network leadership in the TSA's Federal Security Director cadre include FSD role clarification, leadership culture and capacity, organizational structure and strategies, and a stakeholder collaboration framework."

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