Report of the National Focus Group on the Retention of Civil Fingerprints by Criminal History Record Repositories   [open pdf - 3MB]

"The following report of the National Focus Group on the Retention of Civil Fingerprints by Criminal History Record Repositories examines the civil fingerprint environment and highlights key issues that law- and policymakers should consider if they wish to introduce or support the continued practice of retaining applicant fingerprints after a background check has been completed. [...] The growing use of fingerprints for employment background checks and other purposes improves public safety beyond the increased security provided by the checks. Fingerprints submitted for background checks, known as civil or applicant prints, are often retained and used in programs that notify employers should an employee be subsequently arrested. They are also matched against databases of latent fingerprints, which are those of unknown individuals obtained from crime scenes and other sources. Through these efforts, individuals who pose safety risks-whether through proximity to vulnerable populations, holding positions of trust, access to sensitive information, or through possible participation in unsolved crimes-are identified and removed from sensitive positions or prosecuted for the crimes to which they are connected. The ability to quickly react when an employee runs afoul of the law has taken public safety to new heights. However, issues that may arise when civil fingerprints are used beyond their intended purpose threaten to negatively impact, and could limit or eliminate, these beneficial uses."

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