Landslide Hazards in Glacial Lake Clays - Tully Valley, New York   [open html - 311KB]

"At approximately midday on April 27, 1993, a large landslide occurred along the foot of Bare Mountain in LaFayette, Onondaga County, New York, about 12 miles south of Syracuse (figs. 1, 2). The slide moved rapidly east toward the middle of the Tully Valley and impacted approximately 50 acres of land, destroyed three homes, and resulted in the evacuation of four other homes. Debris from the slide, consisting mostly of remolded clay, covered Tully Farms Road with up to 15 feet of earth for a length of some 1,200 feet. Springs that developed near the top of the slide discharged either freshwater or brackish water, which contained concentrations of dissolved evaporites (salt and gypsum) and other minerals. The total volume of earth moved by the slide is estimated to be about 1.3 million cubic yards. According to the New York State Geological Survey, this slide is the largest to have occurred in the State in more than 75 years. Most residents were away from their homes at the time of the slide, and so there were no fatalities or serious injuries caused by the slide."

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