Public Safety Interoperable Communications Grant Program, Improving Interoperable Communications Nationwide: Overview of Initial State and Territory Investments   [open pdf - 5MB]

"The PSIC Grant Program report, Improving Interoperable Communications Nationwide: Overview of Initial State and Territory Investments, describes trends in State, Territory, and local communications initiatives and the program's anticipated impact on interoperable communications across the Nation. This initial analysis represents lessons learned that will guide the management of the PSIC Grant Program moving forward and can inform future interoperable communications initiatives. The report's findings are based on the analysis of 281 individual PSIC Investments submitted by States and Territories. The PSIC Grant Program will continue to provide stewardship by monitoring project performance and providing assistance to grantees as these projects are implemented. The ultimate goal of the PSIC Grant Program is to have a substantial, nationwide influence on public safety communications interoperability. This report illustrates the Investments State and local public safety agencies are making to achieve greater interoperability and to advance the Nation's goal of improved preparedness and response. […]This report serves as a foundational document against which PSIC grantees' progress will be examined. It is intended that the findings will be periodically updated, as additional States are approved for the release of funds and as States modify their projects to respond to changing needs. Ongoing monitoring and assistance will be provided to grantees to support project implementation."

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