Immigration Legislation and Issues in the 110th Congress [Updated December 10, 2008]   [open pdf - 413KB]

"Comprehensive immigration reform was the subject of much discussion at the start of the 110th Congress. In the spring of 2007, the Senate considered several broad immigration reform measures aimed at addressing a host of perceived problems with the U.S. immigration system. These measures combined border security and interior enforcement provisions with provisions on temporary workers, permanent admissions, and unauthorized aliens. In June 2007, the Senate voted on a motion to invoke cloture on one of these measures (S. 1639), which, if approved, would have ultimately brought the bill to a vote. The motion failed, however, and the bill was subsequently pulled from the Senate floor. In October 2007, the Senate considered a proposal that has been included in various comprehensive measures. Known as the DREAM Act, this bill (S. 2205) would enable certain unauthorized alien students to obtain legal status. The Senate failed to invoke cloture on S. 2205. [...] This report discusses these and other immigration-related issues that have seen legislative action or are of significant congressional interest. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appropriations are addressed in CRS Report RL34004, Homeland Security Department: FY2008 Appropriations, by Jennifer E. Lake et al., and CRS Report RL34482, Homeland Security Department: FY2009 Appropriations, by Jennifer E. Lake et al., and for the most part, are not covered here. This is the final update of this report."

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