Maritime Terrorism and the Small Boat Threat to the United States: A Proposed Response   [open pdf - 1MB]

"This thesis examines the history and current trends of international maritime terrorism to show that terrorists may soon determine that small boat attacks may be the most cost-effective and successful terrorism strategy. This review determined that increasingly successful worldwide piracy attacks and the effective use of detection-evading drug vessels, may increase the risk of a terrorist attack in United States' waters. These reviews and lessons learned from other nations' successful responses to the maritime threat, in coordination with the goals outlined in the DHS Small Vessel Security Strategy, led to this author's recommendations that the local U.S. maritime community members must be better encouraged by Coast Guard members to become involved in observing and reporting suspicious activities, the Coast Guard and other local law enforcement agencies must investigate and prioritize those areas that might be used as a staging area for a small boat attack and increase their presence activities in those locations, the use of up-to-date technology must be a part of any small boat terrorist deterrence plan, and the U.S. must be prepared with a plan to respond to a successful small boat attack, including possible increased regulations and restrictions on the maritime community."

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