Nuclear Emergency Search Team: Assessment Team Report July 12, 1995   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The Nevada Operations Office of the U. S. Department of Energy initiated and chartered this evaluation of the Nuclear Emergency Search Team (NEST) program to assess the strong and weak points of the program: to determine the current capability of NEST to respond to nuclear incidents; assess the problems and strengths of the technical functions of the NEST program; evaluate the management structure; and assess the problems and strengths of the interagency agreements and postures of the NEST program. At the specific request of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Military Application and Stockpile Support (DP-20), DOE/HQ, the scope of the study was expanded to include an evaluation of the NEST mission today and in the future based upon trends in national and international events and to determine whether the NEST program is properly structured and prepared to respond effectively to those changing conditions. The study was conducted during the period from February through June 1995. [...]. Existing policies, procedures, and relevant background documentation and information was examined in some depth. Interviews were conducted with 65 individuals from a representative cross section of all management, technical and logistical support functions associated with the NEST program as well as other participating organizations and agencies. [...]. In order to avoid limitations on the distribution and use of this report, classified information related to technical capabilities such as detection ranges and techniques associated with diagnostics and disablement have not been included."

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