Standard NEST Briefing   [open pdf - 318KB]

Alternate Title: Standard Nuclear Emergency Search Team Briefing

This undated briefing (circa 1996) comes from the Department of Energy's Nevada Operations Office and discusses the Nuclear Emergency Search Team (NEST) missions and responsibilities. From the briefing: "To assist in your understanding of NEST, I would like to address the background, capabilities, and some of the past deployments of NEST. The NEST capability is built around the Department of Energy's nuclear weapons capability and was established in 1975 in response to an increasing number of nuclear threats. Over the years, the resources of NEST have been expanded and diversified to meet actual and potential misuses of nuclear materials. NEST draws on the resources of the Department of Energy national laboratories at Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, and Sandia. It also includes specialized contractors such as EG&G/EM, Reynolds Electrical and Engineering, Inc. and Raytheon Services of Nevada. NEST also obtains expertise and equipment from other government agencies. To date, there have been in excess of 100 nuclear extortion threats and incidents in the United States. Only approximately a dozen of these resulted in deployment of NEST assets. All others were clearly determined to be hoaxes, not requiring further action."

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