Intelligence Community Directive Number 902: Global Maritime and Air Intelligence Integration (Effective 14 January 2009) [Rescinded]   [open pdf - 3MB]

This Directive has been rescinded as of Jan 2017. This Intelligence Community Directive is to "provide policy and direction to Intelligence Community (IC) elements for integrating activities and information sharing to improve, develop, and enhance maritime and air domain intelligence to effectively identify and respond to national security threats. [...]. The success of a globally networked and integrated intelligence capability relies upon a community of interest (COI) willing to share information; a capability to collect, analyze and disseminate intelligence to aid decision advantage; and an oversight role for fiscal, legal and policy implementation. The IC shall, therefore, leverage existing capabilities and develop new means to integrate all available sources of information critical to producing intelligence regarding potential threats to the interests of the United States (U.S.), its Allies and foreign partners in the maritime and air domains. IC stakeholders in the maritime and air COIs shall aggressively collaborate and share information to proactively identify and mitigate threats posed within these domains as early and as geographically distant from the U.S. as possible."

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Intelligence Community Directive No. 902; ICD 902
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