National Security Division Progress Report   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The following is a progress report of the new National Security Division, which was established on September 28, 2006. This division--the first new Department of Justice division in almost 50 years--was created 18 months ago to advance the Department's highest priority: protecting America against international and domestic terrorism and other national security threats. This responsibility is borne by the dedicated men and women who serve in the entities comprising the new National Security Division--the Counterterrorism Section, the Counterespionage Section, the Office of Intelligence, and the Office of Law and Policy--and it is shared with countless public officials across all levels of government who devote themselves to protecting our country. [...]. The first priority of the Department of Justice is to combat terrorism and other threats to our national security. The Department established and designed the National Security Division (NSD) to achieve a set of organizational and institutional objectives that will help us fulfill that critical mission. The primary objectives behind this new division are: The centralization of the management of the Department's national security program; the coordination of operations and policy across the national security spectrum; the implementation of comprehensive national security oversight; the further development of national security training and expertise."

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