S. Hrg. 106-261: Facing Saddam's Iraq: Disarray in the International Community: Hearing before the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, One Hundred Sixth Congress, First Session, September 28, 1999   [open pdf - 214KB]

S. HRG. 106-261: Testimony discusses the history of UNSCOM's disarmament efforts in Iraq, as well as Iraq's history and policy regarding weapons of mass destruction. Iraq's actions may be summed up as having four main characteristics. First, its declarations were never complete. From the beginning, Iraq embarked upon a policy of making false declarations. Second, Iraq divided its illegal weapons holdings into two parts, the portion it would reveal and the portion it concealed. Third, to mask its real weapons of mass destruction capability, Iraq embarked upon a program of unilateral destruction, itself illegal, unilateral destruction of a portion of its weapons. And finally, it refused to comply with the resolutions of the Security Council, in many ways, very many ways, so that the Commission was never able to exercise the rights spelled out for it in the resolutions of the Security Council. Prepared statements include those of Richard Butler and Jesse Helms.

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S. Hrg. 106-261; Senate Hearing 106-261
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