Keynote Address at National Homeland Defense Foundation by Charles E. Allen, Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis/Chief Intelligence Officer [October 30, 2008]   [open pdf - 82KB]

In his remarks, Charles E. Allen discusses the progress of DHS' efforts to secure the Homeland and describes the many ways DHS works in collaboration with partners at home and abroad. "Despite pride in the progress we have made in developing DHS Intelligence, we still have many challenges. First and foremost is the development of a high quality all-source cadre of analysts-this is extraordinarily difficult. Another great challenge is understanding the information needs of our many partners so we can ensure that the right information-tailored as necessary-gets where it needs to be, when it is needed. Conversely, we need to help educate our partners on the kinds of information we need for our mission so we can access that information when needed. We also have to work to find ways to work across different systems, processes, and legal systems to ensure a seamless flow of information. Not only do our international parties have different legal systems, but each of our State and local partners is also governed by different laws that can affect the flow of information. We have to find ways to bridge these differences. We need to ensure that these efforts have sufficient funding, particularly for the fusion centers so they can continue to participate fully in these partnerships. Fusion centers cost money and many State budgets, particularly these days, simply cannot accommodate continuing robust efforts. Finally, throughout all these efforts we must be vigilant to protect civil rights, civil liberties, and privacy in all our intelligence activities."

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