Remarks by Homeland Security Michael Chertoff at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on Aviation Security Measures [November 17, 2008]   [open pdf - 78KB]

From the remarks of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff: "In the past four years, I've thought it a very, very important part of my job to make sure that we are looking at vulnerabilities across the entire horizon, not merely those that happen to capture the attention of the press or Congress but those which may not have escaped -- which may have escaped the notice of the media or -- or politicians, but which may very much be in the mind and in the planning scenarios of terrorists. I want to make these investments now, even though the threat is not imminent, because time passes rather quickly and what is not an imminent threat now could become an imminent threat in five years or 10 years. One thing we've learned over and over again in dealing with risk and that is basically what we do in this department is make the investment in drawing down risk early. Do not wait until the risk looms very large on the horizon. Take the steps to build a disciplined plan and investment strategy while you have years to get the job done because that's how we eliminate the kinds of highly-consequential security threats that, were they to come to pass, would visit in the domain of death and destruction consequences that would regrettably even dwarf 9/11."

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