Federal Law Enforcement Training Center: FY 2004 Annual Report   [open pdf - 817KB]

This Fiscal Year 2004 Annual Report provides an overview of the activities and programs which occurred at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) during the course of the year. More specifically, FLETC Director Connie L Patrick states the following, "the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) made significant advances in FY 2004 in support of our nation's homeland security efforts. Whether developing critically needed counterterrorism and intelligence analysis training programs for federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, or applying sophisticated technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of training, the FLETC proved yet again that its leadership role is vital to our nation's readiness. Every success the FLETC achieved was the product of strong collaboration across agencies, departments, and even governments. Working together has always been 'the FLETC way.' Since its inception in 1970, the FLETC has cultivated strong inter-agency ties. Today, our partnership of 81 federal agencies represents the greatest concentration of law enforcement expertise in the world, all focused on a single goal: to ensure the protection of our homeland. [...] In addition, this report highlights important training developments and other projects that will position the FLETC to meet future mission requirements. Among these was the establishment of a new Training Innovation and Management directorate within the FLETC whose mission is to formalize processes for integrating cutting edge technologies into FLETC training. These include simulators, web-based training, computer based training, and distributed learning. Another key development was the initiation of a project to design and construct a multi-use Counterterrorism Operations Training Facility at Glynco to meet the expanding needs of law enforcement in the post-9/11 environment."

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