Transportation Security: Additional Actions Could Strengthen the Security of International Transportation Facilities [Letter dated May 27, 2010]   [open pdf - 249KB]

From the Document: "Terrorist attacks on mass transit and commuter rail facilities in Moscow, Madrid, London, and Mumbai, and the significant loss of life and disruption they caused, have highlighted the vulnerability of transportation facilities to terrorism and the need for greater focus on securing these facilities, including intermodal transportation terminals. Such intermodal transportation terminals-locations where multiple modes or types of passengers or cargo transportation connect and merge-are potentially high value targets for terrorists because the large number of passengers or volume of cargo can lead to significant loss of human life and economic disruption. For example, New York City's Pennsylvania ('Penn') Station, the nation's busiest rail station, functions as an intermodal hub for Amtrak, two major commuter rail lines (New Jersey Transit and the Long Island Rail Road), as well as six city subway routes… [T]his report addresses the following questions: -To what extent has DHS taken actions to ensure that efforts to strengthen the security of the aviation and surface transportation sectors are based on a risk management framework, particularly those that include intermodal facilities? -To what extent has DHS taken actions to ensure the security of the aviation and surface transportation sectors, particularly those actions that involve intermodal facilities?"

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