S. Hrg. 106-47: Fiscal Year 2000 Foreign Affairs Budget and Embassy Security for a New Millennium: Hearings before the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Subcommittee on International Operations of the United States Senate, One Hundred Sixth Congress, First Session, February 24, March 4, 11, and April 21, 1999   [open pdf - 795KB]

S. HRG. 106-47: Testimony addresses a wide spectrum of US foreign policy issues, as well as the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty, and the Foreign Affairs Reform and Restructuring Act. Hearing emphasizes that although Congress cannot and must not write a blank check, it is determined to provide the support necessary to upgrade the U.S. embassies, and that they proceed to provide secure work environments for U.S. Government employees working overseas; and parenthetically that AID initially resisted official requirements to collocate its offices within the new embassy compounds that will be built in Kenya and Tanzania, but they have agreed. Concerining the ABM treaty, China has 19 intercontinental ballistic missiles, 13 of which are aimed at the United States. Saddam is doggedly pursuing nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, and the long-range missiles to deliver them, and according to the Rumsfeld Commission, Iran and "has acquired and is seeking advanced missile components that can be combined to produce ballistic missiles with sufficient range to strike the United States." Now, if Iran succeeds, the commission warns, it will be capable of striking St. Paul, Minnesota. The ABM treaty is the root of our problems. So long as it is a cornerstone of U.S. security policy, as Mr. Berger emphasized last month, the U.S. will never, never be able to deploy a nationwide missile defense that will provide real security for the American people. Statements, letters, and material submitted for the record include those of the following: Madeline Albright, Bonnie Cohen, Benjamin Nelson, Jacquelyn Williams-Bridgers, David Carpenter, and William Crowe.

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S. Hrg. 106?47; Senate Hearing 106?41
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