Secure Border Initiative: DHS Needs to Follow Through on Plans to Reassess and Better Manage Key Technology Program, Statement of Randolph C. Hite, Director Information Technology Architecture and System Issues, Testimony Before the Subcommittees on Management, Investigations, and Oversight; and Border, Maritime, and Global Counterterrorism; Committee on Homeland Security, House of Representatives   [open pdf - 183KB]

"My statement today summarizes our most recent report on SBInet, which is being released publicly at this hearing. In summary, the report provided a timely and compelling case for DHS to rethink the plans it had in place at the beginning of this year for investing in SBInet. In this regard, we showed that the scope of the initial system's capabilities and areas of deployment have continued to shrink, thus making it unclear what capabilities are to be delivered when. Moreover, DHS had yet to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of the proposed SBInet solution, and thus whether the considerable time and money being invested represented a prudent use of limited resources. Further, DHS had not employed the kind of acquisition management rigor and discipline needed to reasonably ensure that the proposed system capabilities would be delivered on time and within budget. Collectively, we concluded that these limitations increased the risk that the proposed solution would not meet the department's stated border security and immigration management goals. To minimize the program's exposure to risk, we recommended that DHS determine whether its proposed SBInet solution satisfied the department's border security needs in the most cost-effective manner and that the department improve several key life cycle management areas. DHS largely agreed with our recommendations."

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