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"The Mississippi Office of Homeland Security (MSOHS) is leading a multi-agency task force charged with preparing state government to deal with terrorism. Immediately following the September 11 terrorist attacks, the Governor asked state agencies to re-energize their domestic preparedness efforts. As a result, the office enhanced the current capabilities and assets of state government and used this information to refine the Homeland Security components of the state's emergency response plan. To accomplish this, the Homeland Security office identified areas in need of upgrading consistent with the national response plan and began the revitalization process. Other agencies are assisting in the process as well, law enforcement responder agencies and Citizen Corps teams are currently engaged in the effort to promote and maintain a safe environment. Additionally, MSOHS is working with local agencies to establish, equip, and train Regional Response Teams capable of responding to any type of Terrorist incident. This revised plan will be supportive of both the State and National strategies."

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