16th National Computer Security Conference, Proceedings: Information Systems Security: User Choices   [open pdf - 77MB]

"Our program this year covers a wide range of topics spanning the new draft Federal Criteria for Information Technology Security, research and development activities, techniques for building secure computer systems and networks, and ethics issues. It reflects the complex technical, economic, international, and social environment in which information system security must be developed, implemented, and practiced. Papers and panels to be presented address topics of particular concern today and for the future: the harmonization of U.S. criteria for information technology security with international criteria, present and future techniques for integrating commercial off-the-shelf products into secure systems, access control and other networking challenges, and the need for contingency planning that was highlighted so recently by the bombing of the World Trade Center. We hope the conference presentations and these proceedings will provide you with insights and ideas that can be applied to your own efforts in information security. We recommend that you share ideas and information presented this week with your peers, your management, and your customers. Through sharing, we will help build the strong foundation of awareness, knowledge, and responsibility needed to enhance the security of our information systems and networks."

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16th Annual National Computer Security Conference: Information Systems Security: User Choices. Baltimore, MD, USA. September 20-23, 1993
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