President Has No Clothes: The Case for Broader Application of Red Teaming Within Homeland Security   [open pdf - 575KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Missing in Department of Homeland Security (DHS)' current gap and vulnerability analysis approach to Red Teaming is the employment of broader decision support Red Teaming--which would provide a strategic assessment tool, assisting the organization in overcoming group thinking and a lack of organizational creativity, while avoiding mirror imaging. DHS, by broadening its use of Red Teaming, will improve its decision-making processes across all levels of homeland security. This research uses a selected case study--identifying and challenging assumptions inherent within TSA's security system, analyzing the problem using an alternative model, and looking at the problem from different perspectives. Combined with evidence and analysis from historical examples, this effort is designed to determine whether decision makers can benefit from Red Teams and Red Team fundamental concepts, and whether these concepts will be effective in assisting DHS and its partners in making better decisions. America's Homeland Security System is hampered by bureaucratic challenges. The U.S. government must dramatically re-orient itself. America needs to redefine its homeland security approach into a flexible adaptive system. Understanding the U.S. layers of security, and how they interact to defeat the terrorist threat, is as critical as understanding 'Red'--what our enemies are doing. Trained Red Teams apply creative thinking, and Red Team fundamentals, challenge the organization's assumptions, provide alternative analysis to the organization's plans, and provide the decision maker with alternative perspectives on the current operating environment. Education on the Red Team Fundamentals should be implemented as mandatory for all homeland security leaders."

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