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"This Hospital Evacuation Decision Guide is designed to: 1. provide hospital evacuation decision teamsi with organized and systematic guidance on how to consider the many factors that bear on the decision to order an evacuation, and 2. assist decision teams in identifying some of the special situations, often overlooked, that may exist in their facility or geographic area that could affect the decision to evacuate. No single formula or algorithm could possibly capture all of the nuances involved in the decision or the myriad different disaster scenarios that may lead to a hospital evacuation, and this Guide does not offer a formulaic approach to evacuation decisionmaking. Instead, the Guide is intended to supplement hospital emergency plans, which frequently lack specific guidance on how to make that critical decision, including what factors to consider and for how long the decision may be safely deferred. This Guide does not recommend or present best practices for carrying out an evacuation or for sheltering-in-place during and after a disaster other than to stress the critical need for comprehensive plans for both evacuating patients and for sheltering-in-place. The Guide is based on an extensive literature search; discussions at an expert panel meeting; telephone interviews with experts having hospital evacuation experiences in different types of disasters; and a series of meetings with disaster planners, medical staff, and facilities experts from Partners Healthcare (Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital) in Boston. The technical expert panel (see Appendix A) also reviewed a draft version of the Guide. The Guide includes a pre-disaster hospital self-assessment and discussions of both pre- and post-event evacuation decisionmaking."

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AHRQ Publication No. 10-0009
Abt Associates and United States. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
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