Toward Deterrence in the Cyber Dimension: Report to the President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection   [open pdf - 48KB]

In the cyber world, U.S. leadership cannot count on any advance warning time to dissuade a potential adversary or take preemptive actions to thwart a cyber attack. Nor is there currently any capability or policy that serves as a credible deterrent to potential attackers. "The National Security Strategy itself conveys a general US declaratory policy. It defines our vital interests as those that are of broad, overriding importance to the survival, safety and vitality of our nation. It declares that we will do whatever it takes to defend these interests, including-when necessary using out military might unilaterally and decisively. Finally, the strategy specified that among these vital interests are the physical security of our territory and that of our allies, the safety of our citizens, and our economic well-being. The physical security of our territory is a declared vital interest-one we would defend with military force if necessary. US declaratory policy is thus far silent concerning our cyber security."

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