National Fugitive Operations Program: Priorities, Goals, and Expectations   [open pdf - 865KB]

"This memorandum serves 10 clarify the enforcement priorities of the National Fugitive Operations Program (hereinafter the program) within the Office of Delention and Removal Operations (ORO) and supersedes previously issued fugitive operations guidance. The existence and continuation of this program are essential to the integrity of the immigration and border controls. Good government is poorly served if, after much time and the expenditure of government resources, final orders of removal are ignored without consequence. Indeed, the sound administration of the nation's immigration system depends on an efficient, fair, and meaningful removal process. As a result, it is the clear policy of this agency that final orders of removal should be enforced and that those who knowingly disobey or evade a final order of removal should be apprehended and removed. In order to ensure that the program' s resources are used efficiently and as envisioned by Congress, it is the policy of this agency that the program focus on its core mission-the apprehension and removal of fugitive aliens. 1 In the interest of public safety and the rule of law, the program's resources may also be used to apprehend and remove (1) aliens who have been removed previously from the United States and then return illegally, and (2) criminal or otherwise dangerous aliens living at large in our communities. As a general rule, the program's resources should not be used to target other classes of removable aliens, although fugitive operations teams may apprehend and remove such aliens if encountered during normal operations."

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