Memorandum: Naturalization Interview Process Changes   [open pdf - 138KB]

"In response to the surge of applications received last summer, USCIS [U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services] has developed a plan to address the increased naturalization workload by hiring and training several hundred adjudicators over the next several months. While we welcome this much needed infusion of new staff, it is important to recognize and plan for the challenges associated with such rapid growth. That is one reason why we have instructed managers to ensure greater oversight over new staff in general, and specifically with respect to NQP, quality decision review and decisions in general. How we utilize new and experienced staff as we grow is particularly crucial to maintaining quality. With respect to naturalization, while every aspect of the process is important, we also have the opportunity to use the steps of the process as a way to introduce new officers and staff to the process, initially using them in less complex decision-making. This also lets us focus experienced adjudicators on the final determination of eligibility. The purpose of this memorandum is to improve the alignment of essential naturalization activities with the skill sets of our workforce. The changes identified hereafter focus on assigning work to Trainee Adjudications Officers and other staff that is both grade appropriate and commensurate with their abilities. This work will assist more senior adjudicating officers in identifying issues that require further examination, and is consistent with our efforts to maintain quality levels as we grow significantly this year by adding a large number of newly trained staff."

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