Terror 2000: The Future Face of Terrorism   [open pdf - 20MB]

"Each year the Department of Defense convenes its Worldwide Combatting Terrorism Conference in order to review the nature and level of terrorist activity around the globe. The purpose is to identify changing motives, tactics and targets so our government may better defend our interests and those of our friends and allies. The fifth annual conference, held in June 1993, was somewhat different. This time the focus was not on the immediate future, but included an examination of the long-term threat. Participation which traditionally had been limited to preeminent intelligence, military, political and academic specialists from around the world was broadened to include leading futurists. This elite group was given two assignments. First, they must forecast, to the best of their ability, the course of terrorism for the next fifteen years. Then on the basis of their projections, they would help craft policies, strategies and tactics by suggesting courses of action and specific initiatives to meet the developing threat as they foresaw it. There would be no sacred cows. All aspects of America's policy for combatting terrorism would be on the table for examination and discussion. It was decided that a study would be prepared to apprise the government and the public of the conference findings and of subsequent research that would focus on the long-term terrorist threat and what must be done to meet the challenge. The object would be to stimulate discussion and examination by providing a provocative, unconstrained and independent point of view rather than a coordinated, homogenized distillation of current thinking."

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