After Action Report: May 2010 Flood Event Cumberland River Basin, 1-3 May 2010, Great Lakes and Ohio River Division   [open pdf - 5MB]

"The May 2010 Cumberland River Basin flood was an unprecedented event that greatly exceeded all forecasts. Flood damages from this event could not have been prevented. This After Action Report (AAR) examines the Corps operations and contains measures to better prepare for future flood events. In May 2010 the Cumberland Basin experienced 36 hour rainfall event that produced record flooding. The historic rainfall and flooding across Tennessee and Kentucky was the result of a rare convergence of conditions that produced nearly stationary and intense storm activity on May 1 and 2 that created a large scale flash flood along the Cumberland and lower Tennessee Rivers and their tributaries. The two day storm was estimated to be far greater that a thousand year rain event. The Corps operated all flood risk management projects to reduce downstream flooding and initiated emergency management operations to provide assistance to state and local governments. The vast majority of the rainfall occurred in drainage areas uncontrolled by Corps flood risk management projects. During the event, the full storage capacity of Wolf Creek, Dale Hollow, and Center Hill dams was unable to be used because the rain fall was concentrated in drainage areas downstream of the projects. The J. Percy Priest dam, located just upstream of Nashville, was nearly overtopped during this event. Its flood storage capacity was exceeded requiring operation of the spillway gates to avoid overtopping. The navigation project, Cheatham Lock and Dam was overtopped."

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