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"The National Center for Multisource Information Fusion (N-CMIF) research was a joint collaboration between CUBRC, University at Buffalo (UB), Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and Penn State University (PSU) to address information fusion research gaps present in situation, threat, and impact assessment (JDL levels 2 and 3) as well as sensor management (JDL level 4) and visualization. While much of the research conducted under N-CMIF emphasized computer security, the research also aimed to address the problems in a manner applicable to other domains. Major accomplishments in N-CMIF include (1) addressing current gaps in information fusion and computer security; (2) the enhancement of the Cyber Attack Simulator (a tool to automatically generate cyber attack scenarios for a given computer network); (3) Future Situation and Impact Awareness (FuSIA) (a level 2/3 framework implemented in Java that enhances situation awareness by identifying the current and future impact of a situation as well as providing run-time performance metrics to evaluate the quality of the assessments); (4) two different sensor management techniques for computer networks; (5) semantic and contextual reasoning of cyber attacks; and (6) the visualization of cyber attacks."

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