Interoffice Memorandum: Guidance for Processing Pending Form I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancé(e) when G-325A for Petitioner and/or Beneficiary is Not Signed and/or Photos Not Submitted   [open pdf - 57KB]

"To provide field offices with guidance on processing Form I-129F petitions when the accompanying G-325A is missing signatures and/or photographs. A properly executed Form G-325A is required for all I-129F petitions. Previously it was standard practice to issue an RFE [Request for Further Evidence] when the beneficiary failed to sign the G-325A and/or failed to submit photographs. From the date of this memorandum, an RFE should not be issued in instances where the beneficiary failed to sign the G-325A and/or failed to include photographs provided that the beneficiary is residing abroad. The beneficiary will be required to sign the Form G-325A and/or submit photographs at the time of visa issuance abroad. It is also not necessary to RFE for the petitioner's signature on the G-325A, if the petitioner failed to sign it. The signature of the petitioner on the Form I-129F should be deemed sufficient for purposes of adjudicating the petition. Finally, it is important to note that the petitioner's photograph is still required for the"

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HQSCOPS 70/6.2.11
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