Joint Task Force Headquaters Master Training Guide   [open pdf - 3MB]

"In December 1993, the US Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic Command (USCINCACOM) proposed to the Joint Staff that a Joint Task Force (JTF) training document be developed to link the Universal Joint Task List to joint doctrine/joint tactics, techniques and procedures (JTTP). The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff provided funding for this project through the CINC Initiative Fund (CIF) and designated USACOM as the lead agent for its development. The intent is that this publication - named the Joint Task Force Headquarters Master Training Guide (JTF HQ MTG) - will be the first of a series of joint training documents that support the training and operations of all Joint Task Forces. An explanation of this series of publications is provided in Chapter 1. The purpose of the JTF HQ MTG is to provide a descriptive, performance-oriented training guide to assist leaders in training their units. It also serves as a guide for the JTF Headquarters in actual operations. This publication is not intended to include information on all types of joint units - just the JOINT TASK FORCE HEADQUARTERS. It should be viewed as a single source for information, in outline form, to guide training of the JTF HQ."

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CJCSM 3500.05
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