Joint Training Manual for the Armed Forces of the United States   [open pdf - 3MB]

"This manual provides guidance for implementing the CJCS's policy for planning and conducting joint training within the joint Training System, specified in references a and b...First, and foremost, the Joint Training System described in this manual is focused on warfighting. We must train the way we intend to fight. Our efforts must also ensure that resources are efficiently applied to develop and maintain an integrated and flexible joint force. As a goal, combatant commands and the Services should continue to develop complementary methodologies to better allocate joint training resources, thereby increasing jointness by improving the quality of joint training. Commanders at all echelons should honestly and aggressively define and assess their joint training requirements. The specific objective is to develop a joint training and exercise program that bolsters combatant commanders ability to execute the National Military Strategy (NMS) while simultaneously maintaining readiness as a prerequisite to deterring aggression and responding to crisis. The desired end state is the improved readiness of joint forces, a training and exercise strategy better aligned with the NMS, improved interoperability, and a more stable process for optimizing the application of scarce Service resources."

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CJCSM 3500.03
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