Expert Working Group Report on International Organized Crime   [open pdf - 361KB]

"This report contains a significant number of suggestions to the research community on how to proceed. It is important that the Expert Working Group (EWG) was able to explore the potential roadblocks in pursuing Intelligence and Operations Center (IOC) research and was able to make suggestions on how to move through them. The group proved that researchers and practitioners can come together for a frank discussion of research goals and how to meet them in a constructive way. The additional insight from international researchers and practitioners also proved valuable, lending further validation to the call for comparative studies in multiple countries. Although the sessions are a challenge to summarize, a few themes arose throughout the many discussions. The first theme was the developing state of research in IOC. In many of the areas that this EWG examined, the state of knowledge on IOC has developed to the point that researchers can proceed to conduct more advanced studies. The group agreed that larger, more theoretical studies would drive more significant recommendations for both practitioners and fellow researchers and that this is a goal that the community should adopt."

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NCJ 230846
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