Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents, Volume I (Revised): Emergency Medical Services: A Planning Guide for the Management of Contaminated Patients   [open pdf - 2MB]

This is the first of a three volume set on Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents. It is divided into three sections - 1. Systems Approach to Planning, 2. Emergency Medical Services Response to Hazardous Materials Incidents, and 3. Response and Patient Management. The presence of hazardous materials or toxic chemicals at an incident location or other emergency situation adds a new dimension of risk to those handling and treating casualties. The fundamental difference between a hazardous materials incident and other emergencies is the potential for acute risk from contamination to both patient and responder. This volume, written for emergency response personnel, is designed to familiarize readers with the terminology, concepts, and key operational considerations that affect the proper management of incidents of chemical contamination. It is designed not only to present uniform guidance for the emergency care of chemically contaminated patients, but also to provide basic information necessary to comprehensive planning and implementation of EMS strategies. It is intended to illustrate the characteristics of hazardous materials (hazmat) incidents that compel emergency response personnel to modify their preparations and response procedures. Not all hospitals and community emergency response systems are prepared to respond to a hazardous chemical incident to the same degree. This document may be used to assess the capabilities of EMS with respect to potential community hazards and to develop response plans using national and community-specific resources. Employee safety and training are also key factors in effective management of medical emergencies. This document is intended to provide source material for developing local training and safety protocols.

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Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents
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