Memorandum for the Heads of Department Components from the Attorney General - Subject: The Attorney General's Guidelines for Domestic FBI Operations   [open pdf - 317KB]

"I am issuing today the Attorney General's Guidelines for Domestic FBI Operations. These new Guidelines will make the FBI's operations in the United States more effective by providing simpler, clearer, and more uniform standards and procedures. The affected activities include: (i) the FBI's investigations and information gathering relating to federal crimes, threats to the national security, and foreign intelligence, (ii) investigative assistance by the FBI to other federal, state, local, tribal, and foreign agencies, (iii) the FBI's intelligence analysis and planning functions, and (iv) FBI information sharing. The new Guidelines will replace the following existing guidelines: 1. The Attorney General's Guidelines on General Crimes, Racketeering Enterprise and Terrorism Enterprise Investigations (May 30,2002). 2. The Attorney General's Guidelines for FBI National Security Investigations and Foreign Intelligence Collection (October 3 1,2003) (with respect to domestic operations). 3. The Attorney General's Supplemental Guidelines for Collection, Retention, and Dissemination of Foreign Intelligence (November 29,2006). 4. The Attorney General Procedure for Reporting and Use of Information Concerning Violations of Law and Authorization for Participation in Otherwise Illegal Activity in FBI Foreign Intelligence, Counterintelligence or International Terrorism Intelligence Investigations (August 8, 1988) (with respect to domestic operations). 5. The Attorney General's Guidelines for Reporting on Civil Disorders and Demonstrations Involving a Federal Interest (April 5, 1976). 6. The Attorney General's Procedures for Lawful, Warrantless Monitoring of Verbal Communications (May 30,2002) (with respect to the FBI but not other agencies)."

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