Protecting the Homeland: Report of the Defense Science Board: 2000 Summer Study, Executive Summary, Volume I   [open pdf - 280KB]

The 2000 summer study begins a series of studies by the Defense Science Board aimed at assisting the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community in defining their roles in protecting the nation from unconventional attacks on the United States. Other studies now planned as a part of this series of studies include Defense against Chemical Warfare Attack; Countering the Strategic Nuclear Threat in the 21st century; a follow-on study on Intelligence on Threats to the Homeland; and a second study on issues associated with Defense against Biological Warfare Attack. The focus of all these DSB studies is on identifying the technology and operational capability needed to protect the homeland. It is not on the assignment of roles and mission for employing said capabilities. The overarching rationale for the importance of unconventional threats to the US homeland and the key recommendations of the summer study are contained within this executive summary.

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