Protecting the Homeland: Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Defensive Information Operations: 2000 Summer Study, Volume II   [open pdf - 1MB]

The Vulnerabilities of the United States, inextricably intertwined with our civilian structure, when coupled with known and expected capabilities of potential adversaries raise serious questions about the readiness of the DoD to conduct Defensive Information Operations. To address these challenges, this task force focused on issues and opportunities in five major areas: Architecture for Information Assurance; Technology Challenges and Applications; Organization, Operations and Readiness; Policy Implications, and; Legal Implications. The report is provided in two volumes. Volume one presents the overall observations, finding and primary recommendations for each of the five focus areas, addressed at the decision maker level. Volume two provides a detailed report for each of the five focus areas, with more specific recommendations including courses of action, cost estimates, and anticipated level of effort, addressed at the implementation level. While there is no hierarchy implicit in these topics, recommendations pertaining to some will be easier and less costly. Others, like the architecture, will have the greatest impact, take the most time, and be the most expensive. Even so, it is only the successful integration of all of the recommendations that will provide the DoD with the Information Infrastructure need to achieve the goals the joint vision.

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