TSG Guidelines for Computerized Telephone Systems   [open pdf - 110KB]

"This standard was prepared by the Telephone Security Group (TSG). The charter members of the TSG are: Department of the Air Force, Department of the Army. Central Intelligence Agency. Defense Intelligence Agency Department of Energy, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of the Navy. National Security Agency, US Secret Service, and Department of State. The TSG is the primary technical and policy resource in the US Intelligence Community for all aspects of the TSCM (technical surveillance countermeasures) program involving telephone systems. The TSG standards contain guidance for providing on-hook security to telephone systems in areas where sensitive government information is discussed. Implementation of TSG standards neither prevents the application of more stringent requirements nor satisfies the requirements of other security programs such as TEMPEST. COMSEC, or OPSEC. This standard establishes requirements for planning, installing, maintaining, and managing a computerized telephone system (CTS). The requirements established in this standard are necessary in order to achieve on-hook audio security for computerized telephones located in sensitive discussion areas. For a CTS conforming to this standard, all protected on-hook telephones will be completely isolated from all transmission media and wires that are physically unprotected. This standard requires that the isolation for most telephones be achieved in the CTS itself."

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TSG Standard 2
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Committee on National Security Systems: http://www.cnss.gov
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